Jan 16, 2019

SLT TUs hold token strike today

The 'Surakimu Sri Lanka Telecom' Trade Union front says that they will enter an all island token token strike today (16).
The present chairman - Kumarasinghe Sirisena led administration is continuing a short-sighted management rampant with unnecessary expenses despite incurring massive losses running upto the Rs. 50 billion, they charge.
The TU front urges to remove Mr. Sirisena from the post.
They say that following today's token strike, a grace period of a fortnight will be given to address the prevailing issues. If the authorities are unable to resolve issues by then, the TUs will then hold an island-wide strike.
The TUs point out that a continuous strike would affect all communication networks including SLT and Mobitel services while hampering several other consumer services including banking services.

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