Feb 20, 2019

Reason why the National Government proposal stalled? Featured

The UNP government has taken a decision not to present the National Government proposal to parliament this week. Although the National Government proposal was to be presented to parliament and approved on February 07th, Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella later said the relevant proposal would be presented during the week commencing on February 20th.

However, the government has decided not to present this proposal to parliament this week. The reason being that this proposal has yet not received the support of the SLFP or the TNA.

Responding to a query made by ‘Neth FM’ Minister Mano Ganesan said, “At this point, we are not presenting this proposal due to several points. The United National Front has the majority to have it passed in parliament, but what we want is to gather the other MPs and parties who are not in the UNF prior to having it passed.

I am not in support of a national government as a policy, but in order to establish a stable government we have to agree, even unwillingly.”

No green light from the SLFP!

The SLFP has still not reached a decisive decision whether to support the national government proposal or not, an SLFP MP had told the weekend ‘Anidda’ newspaper.

The MP who is reported to be contemplating joining the government further stated that as a final decision has not been taken whether the SLFP would join the SLPP, a final decision on whether they would join the government could not be taken at this point.

According to a prominent UNP member, if they are unable to get the support of at least several SLFP –MPs or at least have them refrain from voting against it, the national government proposal would not be taken up for debate.

The attempt by the government to obtain the consent of the TNA to refrain from voting against the proposal has also proved futile.

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