Mar 04, 2019

Four Sri Lankan trawlers seized by Maldivian authorities

Four multi-day trawlers of Sri Lanka have been taken into custody by the Maldivian Navy, All-Island Multi-day Trawler Owners’ Association said.

The Maldivian navy has seized trawlers: Dilara, Supuni Sneha 2, Minoli 15 and Rosa Kusum.

Twenty-five fishermen from these multi-day trawlers have also been apprehended.

These boats have ventured into the international sea from the Dikkowita and Negombo fisheries harbors.

Dilara and Supuni Sneha 2 have been traveling from Sri Lanka to the International Sea for fishing and the other two vessels were returning from the International Sea to the country after fishing.

According to the multi-day fishing trawler owners, the arrests had been taken place in line with escalating conflict between India and Pakistan when their vessels were traveling near the Maldives coast.

They say that they are urging the government to take steps to bring their fishing boats and fishermen to the country.

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