Mar 04, 2019

Special court to hear cases on drug offences

President Maithripala Sirisena's attention has been drawn to establish a separate special court for trials related to drug crimes.

The President has drawn special discussion on setting up a special court to hear cases pertaining to illegal drug related offenses.

Addressing a meeting on act on prevention of drug smugglings and other crimes, the President said that he will discuss about this with the cabinet of ministers.

The President has pointed out that delay in drug related trials has hindered suppression of drug criminals.

It was further discussed that the attention of the public has been drawn on the punishments given to drug kingpins.

Meanwhile, it was also stressed the importance of amending the existing mechanism for the destruction of narcotics.

Similarly, the President has paid attention on increase of drug addiction among children. The President noted that as there is no legal provision, there is an obstacle to taking legal action against offenders who sell narcotics to school kids. He also said that police officers and school principals have informed about this situation and the attention has been drawn to change legislations.

The President has also instructed to convene another discussion on April 02 to review the progress of the initiative.

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