Mar 04, 2019

No records on ministerial official vehicles! Featured

The Finance Ministry is said to have failed to maintain records on the official vehicles provided to ministers, charged the Chairman of the Committee on Public Finance TNA-MP M.A. Sumanthiran.

Sumanthiran said this was revealed when the Finance Ministry officers were summoned for inquiry.

He said although they were questioned about the official vehicles issued for the use of ministers, they were unable to provide the records pertaining to these vehicles.

Therefore, Sumanthiran had ordered these officials to immediately compile a documents with regard to the officials vehicles issued to the ministers.

He noted that politicians have a sickness where when a minister leaves his post, the next person appointed demands for a new vehicle instead of using the same vehicle used by the previous minister. Although the old vehicles used by that minister should be handed over to the Finance Ministry, in most instances it does not happen.

Sumanthiran said that as records of these official vehicles had not been maintained, the Public Finance Committee would investigate of any corruption had taken place with regard to returning of official vehicles.

He said in most instances although using the vehicle used by a previous minister is rejected, the vehicle used by the previous minister is still new and this practice should be shunned, irrespective of party colour.

Some of these vehicles are less than six months old and as there are no proper records maintained, these vehicles may have been taken for the use of some other officer in the same ministry.

Therefore, he said measures would be taken to expedite the process of maintaining records of these vehicles and the Public Finance Committee would investigate this issue.

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