Mar 05, 2019

No impact on security even if Maithri's expenditure head is slashed! Featured

A senior government minister refuted allegations that several persons within the government are attempting to slash the President’s expenditure heads which would impact on the action taken to curb the drug racketeering. He said this in response to a query made by 'Sri Lanka Mirror'.

He said by making such statements it was evident that these parties have no basic understanding about the state budget expenditure heads, adding that the Defence expenditure heads are not included in the President’s expenditure heads. He said the Defence expenditure is a separate expenditure head.

The President has 11 expenditure heads which are allocated as follows; 

1. President’s expenditure heads (expenditure head No. 1)

2. Defence Ministry expenditure heads (Expenditure head-9)

(The police, tri forces and all expenses related to security establishments come under this expenditure head)

3. Mahaweli Development and Environmental Ministry expenditure heads (Expenditure head-3)

What some of the UNP backbenchers are threatening to slash, is the President’s expenditure head (expenditure head No. 1), which has no impact on the defence expenditure for the security forces.

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