Mar 09, 2019

Suspicion arises again about 'Niththewas' Featured

A sighting of the fabled 'Niththewas' (Dwarf like humanoids) has been claimed by residents of Walasmulla-Dehigahahena-Weedapola area.

The mother of a young girl said that her daughter had fainted having seen one such humanoid while she was at her home. Subsequently, residents of the area have been searching the area where footprints of these creatures have been seen.

Earlier, 'Niththewas' were sighted from the Ampara-Damana area. A group of Chena cultivators had claimed to have spotted them.

Later, it was also reported that they were spotted in the Anuradhapura area.

No evidence so far

However, according to researchers from the Sri Jayawardenapura University, who had investigated these claims said that there was no evidence to support claims that these sightings are actually the fabled 'Niththewas'

With these incidents being reported, there has been discussions in society regarding these dward like humanoids who were said to have been extinct.

According to researchers, these hobbits walk like humans on two feet, but have a face similar to animals. They are covered in fur and have long nails.

Expressing his views regarding these hobbits, the Veddha Chief Uruwarige Wannilaththo said although there is talk about these creatures, no one has actually seen them.

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