Mar 19, 2019

Will 'Rattharan' resign from politics?

Southern provincial councilor Krishantha Pushpakumara says he will resign from his parliamentary seat and all political activities in response to allegations leveled against him.

This was stated by MP Krishantha Pushpakumara alias 'Rattharan' at a media briefing held in Galle yesterday (18th) morning.

Pushpakumara further said that people vote for a politician in respect to his or her dignity and reputation, and even though he has showcased such qualities in the Galle district, he will resign in the face of a range of allegations.

Pushpakumara said such allegations would bring disrespect to the faction he represents and such a decision was taken until he gets vindicated.

He further stated that the decision to leave politics has enabled the law enforcement arms to act freely, and that anyone is allowed to criticize his decision.

UPFA provincial councilor Krishantha Pushpakumara alias Raththaran had accused of molesting a 16 year old girl a Devalaya in Bataduwa on the 23rd.

UPFA member of the Southern Provincial Council Krishantha Pushpakumara, who was arrested over child abuse charges, was released on bail by the Galle Magistrate on February 28.

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