May 17, 2019

Govt still has no report on 21st Featured

The government still has not prepared a report on Easter Sunday attack, reports say.

General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Communist Party, D.E.W Gunesekera has stated that according to common practice there should be a report submitted to the parliament during the 3 days debate and the government has failed to do so.

He stated that such action was taken since 1962 when similar incidents occur .

He further stated that even the opposition has failed to prepare a report.

The political leaderships has deteriorated and they should apologize from the nation, he added.

Mr. Gunesekara also stated that the government cannot solve this.

The terrorist actions are based on visionary issues which cannot be solved by the government and only the Muslim community can solve it , he said.

Unfortunately , the Muslim community in the country are also weak and they are controlled by wealthy Muslim businessmen, he added.


Source- Ravaya

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