Jun 14, 2019

Gen. Mahesh to get extension? Featured

Current Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake’s extension is scheduled to end by August 18th and if he does not receive another extension, he will have to retire.

However, according to reliable sources, Senanayake is scheduled to receive another extension and plans are afoot to justify this extension based on the current complex situation in the country, it is reported.

It is also reported that the two contenders for the post, who are behind Senanayake are engaged in a cold war.

The person most eligible for the post is the current Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva.

However, Silva could also become the Commander only of the President grants him an extension. He is scheduled to retire on June 21st.

Meanwhile, it is said that those promoting Shavendra Silva have proposed to the President to promote Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake to the post of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) and appoint Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva as the Army Commander. They have suggested that the current CDS Ravindra Wijegunawardena be given a diplomatic posting.

However, if General Mahesh Senanayake is given another extension, the next in line Maj. Gen. Sathyapriya Liyanage would also have to retire as he reaches 55 by November 14th.

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