Jun 14, 2019

Crysbro Chicken supplied to Army given to dogs! Featured

Due to a letter received by the Army that the chicken supplied to them contains poison, it is customary to first feed the chicken to animals prior to preparing it for the consumption of the army personnel, Sri Lanka Mirror learns.

Due to this fear, soldiers have reduced their consumption of chicken, it is said.

As a result of suspicion that the chicken supplied contains poisonous substances, the chicken had even been sent for testing on several occasions.

In May it was revealed in parliament that for the past 14 years the tender for the supply of meat to the military had been done by a company belonging to former Cabinet Minister Felix Perera.

This was revealed by State Defence Minister Ruwan Wijewardena in response to a question raised in parliament by MP Hesha Withanage.

It was revealed that the former Minister had been supplying meat to the military for the past 14 years by obtaining a tender under a company registered as Felix Perera and Company (Pvt) Ltd.

However, this company is said to be a supplier which obtains the chicken from another farm.

It is reported that the chicken that the soldiers dislike is from Crysbro.

Military’s main suppliers

Meanwhile, the main food suppliers to the military are Wickramaratne(Pvt.)Ltd - Wickramaratne Group and Rodesha Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.

Wickramaratne(Pvt.)Ltd - Wickramaratne Group supplies the bulk of the supplies and they have remain the main supplier as they provide credit facilities for several months.

Crysbro Manager absconds?

We made several attempts to contact the Senior Marketing Manager of Crysbro Group of Companies Amores Zellers, but he did not respond. Later we texted him and he responded saying he was at the Embassy and would return the call no sooner he finishes his business at the Embassy, he did not contact us for over a day.

We also attempted to contact the Military Spokesman regarding the rejection of the chicken by the soldiers, but he too failed to respond.

Meanwhile, we have received further information regarding this issue and no sooner we verify the said information.

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