May 26, 2017

Global Design Tex launches 1st TDC in Mullaitivu

Co- founders of Global Design Tex pvt Ltd, Ms. Maheshika Kularathne and Mr. Sampath Madarasinghe, known experts in the field of apparel industry took a worthy risk to establish their TDC, 300 km away from the capital city of Colombo; in a remote Village named Keppapillaw in Mullaitivu in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

This is setup as a stepping stone to establish a fully-fledged garment factory employing around 300 youth in Chemmalai, Mullaitivu within the next two years.

GDT with their Australian partnership caters a niche market with a premium range of brands, exclusively for Australian market and extend towards Europe and US and now is in the process of expanding their global network with Europe and India attracting many similar new brands. The duo felt that it is the need of the hour and took this risk in good faith for the sake of humanity and genuine endeavor to support the Governments effort in reconciliation and nation building. The idea in fact mooted from the Commander Security Force – MLT, Major. General Dampath Fernando having understood the desperate need of addressing the prevailing unemployment issue in the district as majority of men and women are employed on the basis of daily wages with very limited earning capacity causing numerous grievances on sustaining their families.

In fact according to Government statistics the Mullaitivu district is considered as the poorest district in the country with mediocre development in all areas as compared to other districts since the 3 decades war ended in the year 2009. In light of this situation, the Army being the Nation’s Guardian has come forward as usual to play their role, teaming up with the GDT group to establish their TDC with 35 employees from the area.

In this endeavor, Ms. Maheshika who is the live wire behind this whole exercise indeed played a prominent role in this project, has been working very closely with the Army from start to end setting up this center. She has had an amazing experience being involved in the selection process interacting with over 150 females individually, sharing her experience with emotions and a sense of responsibility. She does not regret one bit to come this far to set up their business endeavor despite many opportunities available for them in the south. She has come across many war widows, single parents, war wounded females, ex- LTTE carders and unemployed educated females who opened out their genuine grievances & thus feel this establishment will have a greatly positive impact on their lives.

The effort made by GDT together with Sri Lanka Army is indeed going to be a success story which was clearly evident during the opening day of the TDC, where the girls were full of happy tears and expressed their profound gratitude to the GDT and Army for giving them an opportunity to do a decent job in making a decent earning to sustain their families. With many giants in the apparel field, GDT being an up and coming business entity coming forward to extend their commitment to establish their business in Mullaitivu should be highly commended and no doubt would be an eye opener for other investors to turn their eyes towards Mullaitivu district. On the auspicious of opening day event the MLT District Secretary Ms. Rupawathi Kethishwaram who in fact heartedly supported this project from the very inception, with overwhelming enthusiasm, expressing her views to the gathering; the TDC with 35 employees would help to sustain 35 families and in the future through the upcoming factory 300 more employees would sustain a further 300 families, all thanks to GDT and Sri Lanka Army for coming forward with this project for the sake of the people in Mullaitivu district. A big thank to Ms.Maheshika and his business partner Sampath Madarasinghe for their valiant effort and commitment demonstrated in proving their social responsibility for the sake of desperate helpless people in Mullaitivu.

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