Nov 30, 2016

Kumar Gunaratnam to be deported! Featured

FSP leader Kumar Gunaratnam will be deported once he completes his one year imprisonment term on December 09, according to government sources.

He is presently being held at Anuradhapura prison.

To protest the government decision, FSP activists staged a sit-down protest in Kandy town yesterday (29).

Gunaratnam returned to Sri Lanka after the present government came to power, but was arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned.

Grant him citizenship

At the demonstration, FSP central committee member Sujith Kuruwita said that incident had breached the government’s transparency.

This is a matter of the country’s democracy, not a personal matter of Kumar Gunaratnam, he noted, adding that others could undergo similar experiences in the future.

Instead of deporting him, the FSP leader should be granted citizenship, he urged the government.

Wearing black bands, a group of FSP activists staged their protest at George E. de Silva Park, while others distributed leaflets in Kandy town.

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